Experience the difference of knowing you can protect yourself. Even if you never have to use that pepper spray, stun gun, or alarm your carrying, you will feel more secure and confident knowing that it's there. We hope you find what you need from all the products on our site and if you need any help, we're just a click away.

We stock a full product line of self defense & security products which are not avaliable in most retail stores. Such as stun guns, pepper sprays, MACE sprays, personal and home alarms & more! All of these self defense products fill the needs of many to feel safe & secure in their everyday lives. Crime never sleeps, so you need to be prepared. Start protecting yourself today at Crime-Guard.com!

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Stun Master Multi-Function Stun Gun


4.5 million volts - 4.75" Tall - Super Bright LED Flashlight - Red Flashing Emergency Lights - 110dB Alarm - Disable-Pin Wrist Strap

The Runt Stun Gun


A small, powerful stun gun that is easily concealable and virtually undetectable and fits easily in the hand of a woman or man.
  • 2.5 Million Volts 
  • 3.5 Million Volts (+$10.00)
  • 4.5 Million Volts (+$20.00)

TASER C2 Gold Kit

CODE: 39030

Gold C2 Kit Includes: 1 TASERĀ® C2 - Color of your choice, 2-15' Live Cartridges, 1 Training (blue) Cartridge, 1 Holster (#39009) and 1 Practice Target
  • Black 
  • Red 
  • Blue 
  • Titanium 
  • Pink 
  • Yellow 

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